QtMoko with 2.6.29 kernel

Radek Polak psonek2 at seznam.cz
Mon Aug 12 07:43:46 CEST 2013

On Thursday, August 08, 2013 02:11:46 PM francesco.devita at mailoo.org wrote:
> Hi Radek
> I'm testing the v56 on uSD and I would like to report two errors
> encountered at boot.
> The first one:
>  > libkmod: ERROR ../libkmod/libkmod.c:505
> kmod_lookup_alias_from_builtin_file: could not open builtin file
> '/lib/modules/2.6.29-qtmoko-v56-v26/modules.builtin.bin

hmm i think i saw this too. Maybe running depmod solves it.

> About the second one, usually I use mmcblk0p2 for /home (I think that
> having a dedicated partition for /home could make easier to manage
> personal settings and data) and not for /media/card. This modification
> in fstab causes the error:
>  >/etc/rc.local: 14: /etc/rc.local: cannot create
> /media/card/etc/rc.local: Directory nonexistent
>  >[FAIL] startpar: service(s) returned failure: rc.local ... failed!
> IIRC till v55 I never saw this error, is there a particular reason to
> have /media/card/etc/rc.local?

This is strange. I have no idea where /media/card/etc/rc.local path comes 
from. There should be just /etc/rc.local - qtmoko uses it for some iptables 


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