Crowdfunding an Ubuntu smartphone (right now)

joerg Reisenweber joerg at
Thu Aug 22 23:30:19 CEST 2013

On Thu 22 August 2013 23:00:52 Bob Ham wrote:
> muddled view of the situation.  The idea that it would be possible for
> the community to produce a phone with the same kind of specs as the
> phone that Canonical, with its billionaire owner, just tried and
> *failed* to build, seems to me to be rooted in a view so detached from
> reality as to be almost pathological.  To even *ask* the question shows
> that there is a problem.

The only problem here is you fell for the story of the BILLIONaire(!) that 
"failed" to drum up ridiculous-in-his-balancebook 30some MILLIONS(!), while 
Nikolaus probably would be able to pull of same project on 10% of that budget.
Canonical big hoax, sorry! If this Shuttleguy really been interested in 
building a Edge , he'd simply DO it instead of starting nonsensical 
Don't you see this is a marketing gag, nothing else?

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