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joerg Reisenweber joerg at
Sat Aug 24 00:10:05 CEST 2013

On Fri 23 August 2013 21:07:14 Michael Spacefalcon wrote:
> > I would be 
> > very happy to have a really free modem firmware on my GTA02 in the 
> > meantime.
> Then maybe you should try talking some sense into Joerg etc - maybe
> they'll listen to you more than they are willing to listen to me.

I wonder how a single brain can produce that much nonsense and be that dull. 
You seem a smart guy otherwise, so I really don't grok how you can be so weird 
in this single issue.
I told you everybody who been interested - except you - got access to the 
sources you're so terribly _not_ wanting (I wonder what now. Do you need them 
or not? And if you do, then for what since you already got the full radio 
stack which OM never had, and you're not interested in the AT interpreter of 
GTA0x modem but rather in any "UI" which obviously OM also never had). 
Everybody except you since I don't give access to stuff that's under NDA to a 
guy who's calling OM a bunch of rogue idiots and threatening to shoot me. Also 
you clearly say you're not asking for me handing that stuff to you (verbatim, 
see your prev mail) , you want me to PUBLISH it under my full name and stating 
loud that I don't give a flying F about the NDA contracts I'm under, thus 
ruining my professional career just to meet your idea of how industry and FOSS 
and community and the world at large works or should or ought work.
Grow up, dude! You're biting the hand that feeds you, like a rabid dog. Won't 
happen (again, recall glamo?). 
You're seriously blaming OM and its employees for not violating the agreements 
they had to sign (and believe me, we tried hard to avoid signing any such 
agreements, since OM was planned to be as open as feasible), to make the whole 
project possible? I honestly wonder what kind of mater is inside your skull.

YOU are not even worth this lengthy answer, and nobody else got the problem 
YOU have with OM calypso firmware sources, since everybody else asking kindly 
had access to all the stuff since 2011, and nobody found it worth doing much 
leaking about it. Since in some regard, the calypso firmware *is* OSS, it's 
just not FOSS.
Get that! Wrap your head around it. And stop throwing darts at my picture at 
your wall, you honestly need to find a new and better reason for living.

Good bye!

[ps: trying hard to not elaborate on a guy like you talking about morally 
correct behaviour, and about the paradox you're exposing there in just 2 

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