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joerg Reisenweber joerg at
Sat Aug 24 02:17:00 CEST 2013

On Sat 24 August 2013 02:04:45 Adam Bogacki wrote:
> I would like to add my vote to the proposal of a totally new non-smart
> phone.
> I think there is increasing demand for a secure non-smart phone.

There IS NO secure phone! See any of the dozen other mails in this very thread 
about that topic. 
Or rather, there's not even any insecure phone - means you can't make it more 
secure by reviewing the firmware of the modem, since there IS NOTHING insecure 
in the firmware. It's not like you could kick out any rogue hidden backdoors 
since there aren't any, I won't elaborate again why that's evident. There are 
also no flaws in any security related encryptions or whatever that you could fix 
in the phone firmware, since those flaws (if any relevant) exist in the protocol 
spec and you need to fix both ends, mobile and BTS. And this still leaves all 
the other vulnerabilities of all public networks which always allow 
eavesdropping on a multitude of levels not under the control of the phone's 

Increasing demand for secure phone? I offer the only solution: adjust your 
habits, improve your knowledge. The phone is as secure as the user who 
operates it.

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