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> If 200 people agree to put 599 EUR on the table we could start
> production tomorrow (well, we need 6-8 weeks to get the components)
> and 200 GTA04 boards would be available in November.
> We could also order 200 3D-printed cases, earpieces etc. to make
> complete phones. One issue is that we have just ~70 display modules,
> and they are out of production for a long time. But there may be some
> remaining stock in Asia, so it appears to be a solvable problem.
> Doing a redesign for a different display, different case (N900) is
> also possible, but takes more time (estimate 4-6 months).
> But it also needs 200 * 599 EUR on the table. Not to start design or
> production (that has become my hobby), but to buy components.

I don't get this passage. Note I am not a hardware expert so it is not
clear to me how 200 boards can be available in november if a redesign
with a new display takes nearly half a year.

Where are 130+ displays supposed to materialze until november? I
understand your assumption that there is some stock somewhere and would
love to see that proven with a reliable price tag.


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