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Sebastian Krzyszkowiak dos at dosowisko.net
Sat Aug 24 17:36:11 CEST 2013

Hello, community!

I'd like to start discussion about how we communicate our presence to
the external world. Recent threads showed that there's some need to
think about it.

I know this community consists rather of smart, technical geeks who
don't want to lower themselves into stinky marketing world. I truly
understand that :)

But unfortunately, we need money and it's now clear that this small
community is not enough to get each of our dreams to come true.

I'd like to start this discussion with GTA04 website. While I
appreciate current webpage for being very informative for someone who
already know what's going on in this project, I think it sucks as our
"business card".

When this page is the first thing someone new sees about GTA04, he or
she we'll be confused and probably won't understand a lot. Even if
he/she is not our target, it's bad, because if she/he has at least
some impression about what this project is about, he/she can recommend
it to some geeky friend or use it as some small talk topic.

On the other hand, we cannot oversimplify our page. We were always
targeting to people with some technical background, who generally
prefer to get straight to the point instead of going through tons of
advertising eye-candy bullshit.

I've seen website proposition from Slyon: http://slyon.de/gta04/index.old.php
I've also created quick draft by myself: http://dosowisko.net/gta04/
And of course there's the current one: http://gta04.org/

I'd like all of you to point out good and bad parts of each of them,
so maybe we'll be able to create something that's rock solid for our

Keep in mind that my proposition is just a quick draft, it even uses
default Bootstrap theme which we probably would like to adjust a bit
to our needs (branding colors, some mentions about Golden Delicious
and stuff like that). Content is not final too - there are probably
some grammar errors and maybe even some misinformation (I wasn't
really active in community for some time recently, so it's possible
that I missed something). Maybe some things aren't even worth
mentioning and there should be something else instead - go on with
suggestions, it's nowhere near final now.

And well, maybe even we'll decide that there's no point in trying to
get more people into GTA04 now. Maybe redesigning it to fit N900 case
will get popular in the community and it'll be better idea to start
"campaign" together with this "new phone". Or some other idea will
come up.

I trust this community. I'm still using my Freerunner, but
unfortunately I'm more and more tired with it. I decided to start
saving for some new phone and I want it to be OpenPhoenux device, be
it GTA04 or anything new. Please, don't let this awesome project die!
I'm still convinced that we can succeed. Would you like to try helping
me help you help us all? :)

Sebastian Krzyszkowiak, dos

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