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Sat Aug 24 19:17:20 CEST 2013

On Sat 24 August 2013 16:12:23 Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller wrote:
> > A word to Nikolaus: I'm a bit sad that you ignore the fact that openmoko
> > did  share gerbers, PADS project files, BOM, whatever, on request. We
> > shared everything, sometimes under a NDA when we had to do that way.
> Sorry, but I didn't know that until now. I just knew about the PDF
> schematics and the BOM and the 3D CAD data and the component placement
> plan.
> This was enough to start the GTA04 project, so I did not research further
> into what else would have been available on request.

Sure thing, and I wasn't to suggest otherwise. I also completely understand 
that nobody will hand out production process details to somebody who has not a 
single good reason why they are needed by him/her, except for cloning. When I 
get me an icecream cone at that italian guy, I of course won't ask him for 
every single detail of his production process since that's a rather bold 
approach. I can ask the guy about what components the icecream is made of and 
I'm sure he's happy to discuss the topic with me... Meh I digress. Nikolaus, 
keep up the good work please! Openmoko indeed did not *publish* the PADS 
project files, they got handed out on demand to guys we considered will make 
"fair use" of them. They had a story what for they needed them (master thesis 
etc) - nobody ever came and asked for our project files to start his own 
business based on that. And no wonder since it would've been extremely silly.

Anyway, to all those guys out there acting as if Nikolaus owes you one: He 
invested REAL MONEY (5 digits?) and MONTHS (2 digits) of his working time into 
bringing some good stuff to community. Now you come and say "that looks nice, 
please hand us the complete production process so we can do it ourselves and 
not pay anything to you for all your awesome work".

I really wonder what you think this project is.
Every other company would've kept the schematics closed and just deliver a 
blackbox product, and just because Goldelico opted for an open and public 
development process you think the money and time Nikolaus and co invested are 
legally the property of community now? :-o

A quite disappointing mindset which I detect here.

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