Crowdfunding an Ubuntu smartphone

Yury Sakarinen zyth at
Mon Aug 26 09:56:07 CEST 2013

Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller писал 2013-08-24 17:31:

>> For me GTA04 is not usable as daily phone. It's now collecting dust 
>> in shelf.
>> Why?
>> 1/ poor power management
>> 2/ bugged reenumerating modem
>> GTA04 is good enough only in some situations. E.g. ok if i carry it 
>> to work
>> where i can anytime charge it. When i am on bike 150km from home i 
>> must have
>> reliable phone in case that the bike breaks up or in case that i need 
>> map.
>> I took GTA04 with 2 batteries and N900 on my bike trip this summer. I 
>> used
>> N900 as a phone with SIM card. GTA04 was switched off - i just used 
>> it for
>> GPS. But after 4 hours one battery was empty and second battery was 
>> 50% empty
>> during one night in suspend. On the other hand N900 was working whole 
>> 4 days.
>> I used it for calls, for wifi in camps and in the end even for GPS.
> That is something I still don't understand. From a power budget the 
> modem is
> specified to have 3-10 mA in suspend while registered to a base 
> station.
> I have even verified this with an ampere-meter.
> And there is only one potential deviation - if there is some
> attenuation (e.g. wall)
> there may be a situation where the modem receives the base station 
> well and
> tries to answer/register. But since the base station does not receive
> it at all, it
> tries with high power. In this case the modem current increases to 
> 50-100 mA.
> BTW: this is the same with almost all mobile devices.
> So it must be something in the OMAP system and that is IMHO the same 
> as the
> N900 has... So pure kernel code.
> BTW: this would not change by redesigning the GTA04 into a spare N900 
> case...

At that time, as the main developments are in the "care" of the common 
/ production / communication problems, the community should try to 
implement the microkernel (eg arm port gnu / hurd) on the existing 
architecture GTA02/04, to see the resources consumption of core servers 
(to give chance new mobile platform based on open hardware stack).

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