GTA04-N900 vel. Neo900

Tomas Nackaerts tomas.nackaerts at
Mon Aug 26 16:24:31 CEST 2013

Hi all!

I actually think this is a great idea! I always liked the N900 formfactor. But 
is it technically possible? I remember somebody mention that the option modem 
is quite big? And if there will be a redesign the fit the gta04 to the n900 
will it possible to update the specs a bit? faster cpu and stuff like that?

But to be honest, i will probably not buy this device if it has the same 
problems the current gta04 has. (power usage and modem enumeration)
and also i don't want to pay 600+ for a smartphone. But i hope if this idea 
takes of and there is enough interest the price will be much lower. 



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