GTA04-N900 vel. Neo900

Norayr Chilingarian norayr at
Wed Aug 28 22:21:18 CEST 2013

Non-free maemo isn't redistributable.
There's must be free maemo version.
The existing version won't be possible to flash to gta-04 because it is
currently not possible to do that. It's different hardware.
Otherwise it won't be necessary to port SHR to n900, that's obvious.
So, in order to redistribute GTA-04 version of maemo, there must be free
redistributable maemo.

Also, I believe many apps like GPS apps which use liblocation won't
work, because liblocation is proprietary, and needs to be rewritten with
the same interface. Otherwise, full compatibility is just not possible,
without replacing those proprietary parts with free parts.

I personally have no problem using SHR on n900 like device. But you are
the one who considers maemo compatibility to be the key feature. That's
why I am writing this.

>The maemo fremantle porting project is not targeted at creating a fork
or new release of maemo OS, but strictly to keep >compatibility from
N900 to Neo900 so users can ideally restore a backup from their old N900
to their new Neo900 and the device >acts exactly like user got used to.
Also we don't plan to recompile the repositories with all the
applications, and for the much needed >core apps like dialer we even
can't do that since they are closed. However you're free to run any
distro you like on GTA04 and >GTA04-N900 aka Neo900, just the maemo
community fremantle porting task force will not bother about "rebasing
on debian" or >whatever, the goals of that task force are clearly defined.

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