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Thu Aug 29 01:14:19 CEST 2013

On Wed 28 August 2013 22:21:18 Norayr Chilingarian wrote:
> Also, I believe many apps like GPS apps which use liblocation won't
> work, because liblocation is proprietary, and needs to be rewritten with
> the same interface. 

GolDeliCo won't ship the Neo900 with maemo pre-installed. We got (or will 
have) a fremantle porting task force at maemo community that does the porting, 
provides installable rootfs, and explains how to install and use the closed 
blobs like liblocation. Nokia "donated" maemo to community, and we had the 
permission from Nokia to re-use and even re-distribute the blobs since years 

While rewriting blobs is a long term minor goal of CSSU [1], we won't do a 
complete rewrite of every closed blob for Neo900 fremantle-port. Actually if 
we did, we could use any arbitrary hardware ülatform and just recompile the 
completely liberated fremantle for it. We wouldn't need a GTA04-N900 that's 
close to the original N900 hw-wise. The idea of GTA04-N900 is to reduce the 
hw-diffs to an amount that can get handled in kernel/drivers by patching them. 
You probably know that kernel and kernel driver modules are FOSS in maemo.

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