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Mon Feb 4 22:34:41 CET 2013

On Monday 04 February 2013 15:53:56 Ed Kapitein wrote:
> Hi All, ( specially the dutch users ;-) )
> Today the dutch government has send a test alert message[1], a cell
> broadcast.
> This is used to inform people about a major incident in a certain area.
> Did any of the dutch people receive such a message?
> Do you have any info/logs/whatever?
I actually got one, Saturday night, after getting my GTA04 back online again. 
I got a bit annoyed at it, thinking it was spam and I'd need some NO ADS 
sticker on my telephone, or suchlike.

I am not sure if I still got the message, let alone logging. It was quite a 
rough night for the uSD-cards (thanks again Lukas and Christoph :-) )

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