International certifications was: [OT] FCC Aproval - Restrictions by country

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Wed Feb 6 14:47:10 CET 2013

Hi guys

I post again in this subject because the gobernment in Colombia is about to
put on wheels the forementioned law in which one can't register a non
homologated cellphone on the GSM net neither resell one.

Can you check if there's something like that on your countries. For
instance, let's take the certifications given to our cellphone [1]: FCC,
CE, NCC. I think that FCC and CE must fit almost any country worldwide but
it seems that in Taiwan you need to have NCC [2] certification for import
(this can be the same case as gobernment want to implement in Colombia)

I think this is unappropiate in a digital era in wich one can talk to (and
trade with) someone across the ocean, international certifications must
provide the support for use a cellphone safely anywhere

Thanks for you time guys


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