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joerg Reisenweber joerg at
Thu Feb 14 14:05:01 CET 2013

Am Thursday 14 February 2013 08:12:44 schrieb Michael Spacefalcon:
> Harley Laue <losinggeneration at> wrote:
> > While I think the project you're working on is great, you come off
> > sounding petty using terms like "Closedmoko." I /still/ don't think any
> > open hardware phone has come out without some kind of NDA attached to
> > some part (I could be wrong.)
> My beef isn't so much with the NDA itself, but with their unwillingness
> to break it all these many years after the company has gone defunct and
> all engineers have been let go.
> I have lost count of how many NDAs I have broken, but it is probably
> somewhere around 20.
> It would be *so* easy for one of those guys to leak the ware completely
> anonymously without ever being identified...  Hence their refusal to
> do so is what makes them criminals in my eyes, and they shall always
> remain so until and unless a leak occurs, anonymous or otherwise.

You Sir are a discgrace! 
A) you are the criminal as you deliberately admit. 
B) "We" never owned the sourcecode of the GSM stack and you know that (Paul 
explained to you in loving verbosity, a year or 2 ago). You also know that 
what Openmoko had access to (mostly the AT interpreter) plus much more is 
available as leaked source in internet since ages. "We" also granted access 
to what we had to many volunteers that didn't sound as lunatic and mad as you 
did - your fault.
C) you threatened our engineers in private mail (one or 2 years ago), to a 
degree where anybody else would've sent the police and prosecuted you for 
blackmailing, that's been the point where I suggested nobody of OM answering 
your mails anymore. You think you're a badass? C'mon you have no idea what 
*we* do every day. To me you sound like a silly consequential angry child.

Oh, anybody said "glamo"?

Best regards

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