Qtmoko v52-armhf : Issue to resume

Adrien Dorsaz adrien at adorsaz.ch
Thu Feb 14 16:08:22 CET 2013


> But we have /opt/qtmoko/bin/after-resume.sh - this is script
> (currently unused), which is executed after resume. So you can easily
> add check there.
> If dbus is for some reason crashing or is stopped then we have to
> figure out why. I guess QtMoko cant work much without dbus, since it's
> used for bluetooth and maybe other things...

I think that's better because, it seems that restarting dbus permit to
run qpe, but yesterday I've seen that QtMoko wasn't well responding when
I did it.

I've just enabled logging and hope to have the bug as soon as possible.

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