FreeTSM30/FreeCalypso project started

Michael Spacefalcon msokolov at ivan.Harhan.ORG
Fri Feb 15 17:16:36 CET 2013

joerg Reisenweber <joerg at> wrote:

> Aha, and do you know how those files made it there?. You obviously don't
> which is a shame.

"Shame"?  You call it "shame" that I protect the anonymity of
contributors who have chosen to be anonymous?

The person who contributed the files in question to my FTP server
chose to be anonymous - hence anonymous it stays.

Are you trying to tell us that it was you or someone you know?  If so,
here is my sincere heart-felt thank-you, and a welcome to my side, the
dark side.

Alex Samorukov <ml at> wrote:

> I dont understand where is 
> achievement and i would expect that anyone with basic compiler/linker 
> knowledge and some free time will be able to repeat this.

You've obviously missed the most important part: my work in now in a
public Hg repository, including my still-ongoing work to further
Unix-ify the build process, i.e., make it less Windows-ish - an obvious
prerequisite to any actual porting & pruning work.

Thanks to this work being done in an open, public source control
repository, others *won't have to* duplicate it.

The work continues; anyone interested is encouraged to check the Hg
repository periodically.  Expecting to do the next hg push in a few
days.  I'm also working with a comrade on setting up a new web home
for this FreeCalypso project, with its own wiki and mailing list, so
we can be our own bona fide community.

> It is also absolutely clear that distribution of this sources or 
> firmware will be illegal,

If you have chosen to live and accept citizenship in a country where
such things are illegal, I feel sorry for you.  If you like, I can
give you a free immigrant/refugee visa to come to my country that has
no such repressive laws.

But otherwise, please keep your draconian laws to yourselves, and
don't try to impose them on those of us who do NOT live or hold
citizenship in any country with copyright laws.

> so it will not be possible to integrate in 
> qtmoko or shr or any other open source product.

But phones with the firmware flashed into them can instead be made
available on the Silk Road, the same place where you would go to
freely buy alternative medicine products such as cocaine, heroin or

(No, I don't use any of the just-listed products myself, but I know
 many wonderful people who do.)

> It is also very clear that osmocom bb team did much more interesting job

When they get their entire stack running on the Calypso, have power
management that is no worse than the original fw, and implement 100%
of the original stack functionality, including fax calls, CSD
(circuit-switched data) and GPRS, then I'll look at it.

Until then, I shall continue working on the FreeTSM30/FreeCalypso code

Patryk Benderz <Patryk.Benderz at> wrote:

> right... now I remember - Michael Sokolov.

I am not using my old name any more, I go by Michael Spacefalcon now.

Yes, I know, my Ancient UNIX email address still has my old last name
as part of my login name - a login name is harder to change than a
gecos field; see  I will always keep this email
address for backward compatibility, but I will also have a new one
based on my new name when I get my new mail server set up.

> I am glad you have changed your MUA

Nope, no changes there.


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