Debian on Freerunner+SIP

Aaron Sells aaron.sells.openmoko at
Tue Feb 19 19:35:44 CET 2013

On 02/18/2013 07:47 AM, David Matthews wrote:
>> I tried using SIP (Linphone) on Debian without any luck. After removing
>> echo cancellation in Linphone settings I can hear other side but the
> I'd be interested in any success reports with linphone or any other sip
> client
> on a current freerunner distro
> Anyone?

I'm using Linphone on QtMoko with QX.  I used this [1] as a guide to get 
things working.  The author has some broken links to his configuration 
files, though.  Here are the corrected links:

I did find that it is necessary to restore the gsmhandset state scenario 
after exiting Linphone.  Otherwise the phone hangs when suspending.

> alsactl -f /opt/qtmoko/etc/alsa-scenarios/gsmhandset.state restore

I've been making calls over an OpenVPN tunnel on WiFi back to my 
asterisk server.  The call quality is very nice with only an occasional 
audio stutter.  It is definitely usable.



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