GTA02 boot without battery

Benjamin Deering ben_deering at
Wed Jan 2 13:30:44 CET 2013

My gta02, or possibly the bare board I removed to convert my GTA04 is 
getting a new job as a wifi audio forwarder to let me play music over my 
hifi wirelessly.  I would like to remove the battery from this phone 
once it is set up to prevent damage to the battery and to free up 
another battery for long trips.

Both of my GTA02s are A5 with buzzfix.  It sounds like A7 had a change 
to allow it to boot without a battery.  Does anyone know what the change 
is and if it is something I could apply myself?   I am going to be doing 
the bass-fix and it would be nice to fix this at the same time.



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