GTA02 boot without screen

Benjamin Deering ben_deering at
Wed Jan 2 23:41:40 CET 2013

On 01/02/2013 08:45 AM, rhn wrote:
> On Wednesday 02 of January 2013 07:30:44 Benjamin Deering wrote:
>> My gta02, or possibly the bare board I removed to convert my GTA04 is
>> getting a new job as a wifi audio forwarder to let me play music over my
>> hifi wirelessly.  I would like to remove the battery from this phone
>> once it is set up to prevent damage to the battery and to free up
>> another battery for long trips.
>> Both of my GTA02s are A5 with buzzfix.  It sounds like A7 had a change
>> to allow it to boot without a battery.  Does anyone know what the change
>> is and if it is something I could apply myself?   I am going to be doing
>> the bass-fix and it would be nice to fix this at the same time.
>> Thanks,
>> Ben
> Hi Ben,
> I'm interested in how you got the board to boot and be accessible from outside without a screen.
> Some time ago my GTA02 was dunked in water and that broke its screen. After reflashing SHR, I wasn't able to access it in any way because the screen was required to finish setup.
> What distribution did you use?
> Cheers,
> rhn
> P.S. If anyone's interested in the device, feel free to contact me.
I haven't tried my bare board yet.  My plan was to get wifi, avahi, and 
pulseaudio all starting automatically on the complete phone, then try 
the SD card in the bare board.
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