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Am 03.01.2013 um 11:22 schrieb Patryk Benderz:

> Hi all, and especially Nikolaus,
> here http://www.ubuntu.com/devices/phone/operators-and-oems they write:
> "We have the needs of [...] OEMs and ODMs in mind in bringing Ubuntu to
> the phone."

Yes, this is great news!

> 	Keeping in mind huge Ubuntu's users base, this might be quite a chance
> for GTA04 or it's successor, to have a lot of new users and a way enter
> mass production. It is also a chance to supply mass market with open
> hardware devices. The tricky part is to provide the device before others
> do, and provide it with decent, flat chassis.

Yes, if we really want to aim at the masses, this would be the way. Be very fast,
i.e. the first to get new technology and get it into production before anybody
else does. This gives a first mover advantage and allows to sell at a higher
initial price (skimming strategy).

> 	Am I thinking right, Nikolaus?

Unfortunately, this does only work for Apple or Samsung and a handful of
other OEMs and ODMs. They already have the money (through investors
and past success) to acquire any new technology exclusively before anybody
else can get it. And they can pay the best engineers they find on the world
so that they don't work for anybody else.

By this they can make small, slim and nice looking devices with innovative
features (display resolution, e-ink, flexible displays, etc.). And Apple and
Samsung are even designing their own ARM chips...

Unfortunately we are running far behind their position :( and the only
currency to put on the table we have is community spirit, ingenuity and
volunteers work.

So we have to use a different strategy. Not aim at the masses, because
we are a too small organization to fulfill their needs (lowest possible
price). And not focus on any specific software on the device.

Therefore I think we have to do it differently: be open to anyone, but focus
on the needs of our special interest community. Enable our community to
port this Ubuntu to a GTA04 and new models (which should not be a major
challenge since we already have Debian and Replicant).

And provide some hardware features the big brands don't provide but are
interesting to our open source minded community: e.g. open schematics,
replaceable battery, RS232 interface, extension options, DIY case, etc.

This differentiates our activities from the other "OEMs and ODMs". Of course
we have to sacrifice some big wishes: slim design, really low price, latest
technology others will show at CES etc.

If anyone is interested to work on porting this Ubunto edition, please
raise fingers! Support to do that is available on the gta04-owner list.


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