TclFltk-1.0-538 Released for Openmoko, Windows and Linux

Iain B. Findleton ifindleton at
Wed Jan 9 00:50:46 CET 2013

An updated version of the TclFltk scripting language development 
environment is available on the sourceforge project site. This update 
adds a text editor widget, support for mouse wheels (finger dragging on 
the phone) and includes a large number of bug fixes. Sound support for 
widget events is implemented, however, the GTA02 is a bit slow to make 
the experience really pleasant.

Its compiled for ARMV4T as used on the GTA02 device. I would be happy to 
find out if it also runs on the GTA04 if anybody out there likes playing 
with scripted applications. I test on shr only, so I can't comment on 
other systems, but should be fine on anything running X11.


Note that you need the Tcl 8.5 distro running on your machine for this 
package to work. Updated documentation is found in the PDF file also 
available on the site.

Packages are also available for Windows and Linux (deb, rpm) for those 
who like cross platform script development. Develop your phone app on 
your mainframe, run it on your phone!

Comments and criticisms are always welcome.....

Iain B. Findleton

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