[QtMoko] MokoFaen theme v2

Yury Sakarinen zyth at onego.ru
Fri Jan 11 04:57:34 CET 2013

> We have a lot of screens in QtMoko, exactly which icons do you refer 
> to?

Finxy theme, all icons from Main screen.
Icons from Settings, Apps, Mail.. they haven't background and bigger.

> I took a look to old screenshots, in some screens indeed there are
> differences in icons size, but they are really few, e.g. in the
> applications menu now we have 9 icons but before there were 8.
> For matters like this, we cannot modify everything through the theme
> config files.
> For example, the dialer screen is almost completely customizable
> through the theme files, but the application menu is not.
> For the latter, you have to look in qtmoko UI code.
> So, if you want larger icons in some screen, maybe it is not
> sufficient nor to change the icons nor to make a new theme.
> Other developers I'm sure can correct me if I'm wrong and clarify 
> this issue.

Thanx, I'll see what can I hack this weekend.

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