Ubuntu / Firefox OS for Openmoko

Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at goldelico.com
Fri Jan 11 19:37:26 CET 2013

Am 11.01.2013 um 19:04 schrieb robin:

> The biggest problem I see with the GTA04 is
> the very limited amount of active developers and the reliability of the distri-
> butions. I don't think it can handle much more losses on the developer side 

The FOSDEM stand will be a good opportunity to attract new developers.
So the already existing developers should make the best out of this chance.

> or it would simply die (as Christoph stated currently there is only one 
> preorder for a GTA05...).

Yes, it is one paid preorder but the "Wishlisht" has around 50 entries. But
it is not clear how many will convert to real orders when we need the
money to start production.

Generally I find it is a good idea to port Ubuntu / Firefox OS. It should
not be really difficult since we have a kernel, development tools, Debian
already done. But it is still quite a challenge.

BTW: it should be possible to install/port standard (desktop) Ubuntu
since it runs on the BeagleBoard. Anyone with experiences to share?


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