[Community] OpenPhoenux Logo contest - Phase 2 (voting)

Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at goldelico.com
Mon Jan 14 17:53:57 CET 2013

Hi all,
we are currently running a logo contest for the new OpenPhoenux
umbrella project that intends to cover all old and new openmoko

We have received 11 proposals (and sometimes variants).

You can now participate by judging the proposals. Please think about:

	• does it connect to the remains of the original Openmoko project ("Phoenix from the ashes")?
	• is it eye-catching, easily remembered, unique?
	• does it show some orientation towards future?
	• does it carry a positive, inpiring, flying, pushing attitude?
	• does it tell about "freedom & openness"?
	• do you feel that it represents "your" OpenPhoenux/OpenMoko community?
	• can it be recognized that it has something to do with wireless, portable devices (tablet, smartphone, gadgets etc.)?
	• does it look equally good in different sizes?

Now please see yourself and submit your votes (up to 4 favourites):


Please vote until Tuesday evening (15th Jan 2013, GMT).

You may also discuss pros and cons as a followup to this mail.


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