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Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at goldelico.com
Tue Jan 15 14:48:12 CET 2013


Am 15.01.2013 um 13:18 schrieb Yury Sakarinen:

> acceptable GTA04 price poll results:
> up to 300 euro - 22%
> up to 400 euro - 48%
> up to 500 euro - 15%
> up to 600 euro - 15%
> Total votes: 27

Thanks for running the poll!

It matches with our experiences, that a GTA04 costs more than the average price expectation is.

I find it interesting that 15% find the current price (555 EUR) still acceptable and 30% would take
it at 500 EUR which is not that far away (see below). So that are already 8 of us essentially waiting that we can
produce. Most likely more, because not everyone did vote in this poll.

On the other end, we can deduce that by getting down to 400 EUR we could get 3 times as much
demand but aiming at 300 EUR would not raise it much more.

Now comes the crucial question: how do we get down to 400 EUR?

So the only way is to increase the number of units produced to get better purchasing prices
(note that the current 555 EUR for the GTA04A5 board is already based on the assumption of 200 units!).

The key question is if we really get 800 orders if we can get it produced for 400 EUR. And if we can save 150 EUR
by going from 200 to 800 component sets. Unfortunately it does not look so. You can check at DigiKey and
Mouser what a typical price drop is between 100, 250 and 1000 components.

> It would be nice to find a sponsor (fosdem2013 conference), which will be able to to compensate GTA04 price difference with the desired ~400 euros (for whom 13 voted)..!?

Yes, that is a good alternative!

But FOSDEM 2013 is crowded with projects looking for sponsors and I haven't met any sponsor there :(

For completeness, let's calculate how much money we need. If all 200 units are to be sponsored down
from 555 to 400 EUR, it needs 31k EUR. Well, no really much if someone can sell his fun car and take a bike :)

One minor reduction we can provide from the project office is if someone buys 10 units, there is a rebate
of 10% because that saves us a lot of logistics cost if it is paid once and shipped in one package. This
makes the 555 EUR already read as 499.50 EUR. You remember the 10-packs GTA02?


> Yury Sakarinen писал 2013-01-12 12:13:
>> Let's count GTA04 interest and preferences:
>> http://www.easypolls.net/poll.html?p=50f115aae4b04de5024b172e
>> Bob Ham писал 2013-01-12 01:23:
>>> On Fri, 2013-01-11 at 20:43 +0100, Christoph Pulster wrote:
>>>> The hardware GTA04 is based on one person (Nikolaus), the software
>>>> QtMoko is based on one person (Radek). My daily cudos for both of them.
>>>> But I am afraid we really need a broader basis of manpower.
>>> I think it's unfair to mention only Nikolaus and Radek.  There are many
>>> people working to push the GTA04 forward:
>>> http://git.freesmartphone.org/?p=cornucopia.git;a=history;f=fsodeviced/conf/GTA04;hb=HEAD
>>> http://git.shr-project.org/git/?p=meta-smartphone.git;a=history;f=meta-openmoko/conf/machine/om-gta04.conf;hb=HEAD
>>> https://github.com/neilbrown/linux/commits/gta04/mainline/arch/arm/mach-omap2/board-omap3gta04.c
>>> I don't think "we" necessarily "need" any more manpower.  To say that is
>>> to say: I want people to do things for me.  Indeed, we all want 1000
>>> programmers to start working on FSO and QtMoko so that our phones become
>>> sweet bastions of freedom and coolness.  Alas, there is only us.
>>> It is worth remembering that a factor in attracting programmers is the
>>> ratio between (1) how much effort we spend complaining about how few
>>> programmers the are and trying to attract more, and (2) how much effort
>>> we spend creating useful systems with a small number of programmers.
>>> Paradoxically, a focus on the latter is much more likely to attract new
>>> contributors.
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