Another open hardware mod experiment: RFID-tag/Reader board for the Freerunner, Nanonote (?) and Beagleboard

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Thu Jan 17 11:30:30 CET 2013


I would like to buy The Freerunner RFID but boards not on sale. Does 
anyone have an extra?

Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller писал 2011-04-11 11:23:
> Dear all,
> besides the GTA04 and the Freerunner Navigation Board,
> we have been working behind the scenes on a new hardware mod,
> originally for the Openmoko Freerunner. It is a
> 	RFID Antenna, RFID Tag (M24LR64) and a RFID Reader (TRF7960) board.
> 	For 13 MHz (ISO14443, ISO15693).
> The project is still in its beginnings, but the hardware is designed 
> and
> first samples have been built and appear to work (at least as far as 
> we
> could test them). And, a first U-Boot based driver running on a 
> BeagleBoard
> has shown that the RFID reader chip responds and sends interrupts. 
> The
> tag chip also works and has been tested with an external USB based 
> reader
> stick.
> The boards have solder points so that it should be possible to 
> interface
> to different SoC and boards, e.g. BeagleBoard, Nanonote, 
> OpenPandora...
> The minimum wiring is that it nedds 3.3V power, 3 SPI wires and a INT 
> line
> to a GPIO. If power should be controlled or the SoC has 1.8V I/O, 
> more
> wires are needed.
> For documentation and details I have uploaded some material to
> this page:
> Schematics and board layout are available in EAGLE format.
> Now, what can you do with it? I don't know but would be happy to hear
> about ideas...
> We have the idea to sell these complete boards at 79 EUR (which
> is approx. half the price of a TI eval board), if you are interested 
> in
> experimenting with this technology.
> Nikolaus
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