[Gta04-owner] QtMoko audio state work

NeilBrown neilb at suse.de
Thu Jan 17 23:12:29 CET 2013

On Thu, 17 Jan 2013 13:50:54 +0000 Neil Jerram <neil at ossau.homelinux.net>

> > 
> > What sort of stability problems do/did you experience with gsm-voice-routing?
> On several occasions, on receipt of a real incoming call, I've just got a kind
> of distorted quiet growling noise
> instead of proper audio from the far
> end.  On the other hand, whenever
> I'm just testing, the audio almost
> always works.  I wonder if the rest of
> the phone is using more CPU for a real
> incoming call than when I'm testing,
> and if that affects how gsm-voice-routing
> starts up.
> Well, you've encouraged me to try
> more with gsm-voice-routing.  I think
> I need to understand more about _how_
> it fails, when it does, and I should be
> able to discover that by adding more
> logging.
> Can I just check: is your gsm-voice-routing
> code the same as in QtMoko?

Not exactly :-)
I've just pushed out the code that I'm using to
(master branch).
I thought I'd made more changes than it seems that I have...

--- a/gsm-voice-routing.c
+++ b/gsm-voice-routing.c
@@ -596,6 +596,11 @@ int main()
+    while (route_stream_read(&r1))
+           ;
+    snd_pcm_start(r0.handle);
+    snd_pcm_start(r1.handle);
     /* Route sound */
     while (!terminating) {


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