Stripped down GTA04A5 - interested?

Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at
Tue Jan 22 10:18:45 CET 2013

Am 22.01.2013 um 10:02 schrieb Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller:

> Hi all,
> finally, the GTA04A5 batch is ready for production and we are open for pre-orders through
> 	<>

Since we know that some of you can't scratch together the
money we need to produce the full GTA04A5, we think
about an option to offer a "Reduced to the minimum" variant.

What will be different from the full GTA04A5?

* no Infrared transceiver
* no flash/torch driver
* no sensors installed
* no connector for optional camera
* no keyboard connector
* no pogo pins for second (stereo) speaker installed
* no RS232 chip + connector
* no external GPS antenna plug and switch
* no Sirf IV GPS receiver (but internal Antenna with GPS receiver inside UMTS module will be available)
* no Si4721 FM transceiver with RDS

It will have of course

* WLAN, Bluetooth
* 3.75 G
* 1GHZ CPU, big RAM/NAND, SD card
* GPS (internal only)
* USB-OTG 2.0
* fits into GTA02 or 3D printed case

This can save us approx. 10-15% component and production cost
compared to the "Fully Featured" variant.

What do you think? Is this the right way to go for our project?


PS: we still have some not 100% working GTA04A4 boards at reduced price:


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