GTA04A5 ready to be pre-ordered

robin spielraum at
Thu Jan 24 07:35:47 CET 2013

maybe I have misunderstood then. From your initial response I understood that
the gps receiver of the gta04a4 would have a lower sampling frequency than the
gps receiver of the gta04a5 due to some hardware wiring and as I you stated
in the gta04a5 anouncement the gta04a5 can provide now with the hardware fix a 

* the GPS receiver can provide a 1 second impulse interrupt to the CPU

so my conclusion was that the gta04a4 cannot sample at with 1Hz but must be
slower. I haven't had the time to change my gta02 to an gta04 so I could not 
test the difference myself, but I remember reading the thread [1] it was re-
ported that the gta02 gps was capable to sample at much higher rates (4Hz 
standard, max 20Hz reported).
Sampling at 1Hz at 60km/h means an update every ~17m which in most navigation 
situations should be ok, but if you have complex crossings with more than two 
alternative lanes then the lag becomes a problem. 

best regards



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