Enhancing an RPi with phone capabilities

Boudewijn wankelwankel at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 25 14:30:28 CET 2013

On 25-1-2013 14:17, jcommeli at math.leidenuniv.nl wrote:
> Thanks for your replies. I think I have some good pointers here. But, to
> make one thing clear. I am not looking that much for VoIP options, but
> would like to connect to an existing carrier, with a SIM-card.
It's exactly how OpenPhoenux started, I'm sure you know?
The initial setup for GTA04a1 [1] is quite similar to the goal you're 
heading for, I suppose. In case you're visiting FOSDEM next week, be 
sure to visit the OpenPhoenux stand in the AW-building!
> The point is that I want other people (without VoIP) being able to call
> this phone. And if I only have VoIP, then they can not give me a call (as
> far as I know).
> Am I missing something?
You might be missing something. After all, most (if not all) phone 
traffic is VoIP nowadays. If you like to connect your VoIP system to the 
POTS-network, you need something like a DID- or DDI-number (direct 
inbound dialing), something of a bridge between the me at myserver.org-SIP 
and the +31nnnnnnnnn number you'd want to give to Dutch acquaintances. 
As far as I know, more than one DID-number can point to the same 
VoIP/SIP-address, so you can have your friends abroad call for local fees.

That's about as far as my knowledge and understanding reach. (Shameless) 
plug: since your email address is in the Netherlands, you might be 
interested in Limesco.org, the "open source" mobile phone operator, 
where you could run your own server instead of relying on the operators 

Best regards,


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