Install latest navit on qtmoko without gpsd / GTA02

robin spielraum at
Tue Jan 29 08:46:13 CET 2013

which version of qtmoko will one be building if one clones your git tree? always
the latest one (no matter if latest is stable or experimental) depending on the 
device? I would guess eg as GTA02 and GTA04 builds are at the moment quite 
different that this would affect the building of the navit package as well. So
if this correct will we have separate packages of navit for GTA02/GTA04?

Where do you configure it that if you use dpkg-buildpackage to build navit 
that navit automatically gets the latest svn version to build?

regarding uploding qemu buildhost, would it then be easy to keep that one in 
sync with your git tree? If yes, this is a good idea for entry level people 
like me, if not, I  would rather try to build it from scratch once my wife has
cleaned our harddrive to allow debian squeeze to reside in a virtual box.

best regards


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