Install latest navit on qtmoko without gpsd / GTA02

robin spielraum at
Tue Jan 29 11:07:36 CET 2013

if the buildhost which can address 1gb ram builds much faster I would like to
ask you to upload it so I could use that one instead.

I will try to summarize what I have understood, so please correct me if I am

1.) get the buildhost to be able to compile
2.) compile qtmoko-base-system either for gta04 or gta02 with the version you
    want (eg v51)
3.) compile navit package, which automatically checks out the latest svn

if you just want a newer version of navit, but your qtmoko-base-system version
has not changed since your last build just do 3.)

what would I have to do if I wanted to have one gta04 build and one gta02 build
on the same machine? will they automatically have different paths?



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