GTA02 Screen dissasembly issues..

Christoph Bänsch chrissi1a at
Sat Jun 15 17:41:02 CEST 2013

> Trying to remove my broken LCD from GTA02 i run into the following issue:
> In the manual of GTA04 in  page21 it mentions 4 conducting silver pads only 
> glued to the PCB . 
> Unfortunately i think (see attachment photo)  i damaged those pads. 
> Could please  someona assest the damage. Can i proceed to connect the LCD
> replacement or i'll have problems?
> What's the use of those pads?
> Also in one corner a part of a black coating has gone.:-)  Is that bad?
I think, the pads and the black coating are only glued on the PCB to safe the back of the screen and to safe the PCB. So I think the new screen will work perfectly, because they are are only glued on the board and no soldered points on the pads.

btw: The pads on my GTA 02 are damaged too ;-)

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