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On Monday, June 24, 2013 08:17:35 PM Ben Wong wrote:

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> >  Thank you Radeck,
> >  
> >    I'm glad to have the "Docked keyboard" back: it is priceless when
> > 
> > sending SMS via vnc!
> Nice tip, Giacomo.
> That reminds me that my biggest bugaboo with QtMoko is that I have never
> been able to get my bluetooth keyboard to work. It's quite frustrating to
> have to plug my Neo into a PC just so I can ssh into it with a proper
> keyboard.
> I seem to remember Radek saying about a year ago that the issue was not too
> hard to fix, but I think nobody has stepped forward to do it. I started
> reading the QT documentation myself, but was daunted. I suspect "simple"
> for Radek is still too hard for lesser-mortals. ;-)

Well i have been playing with my bluetooth keyboard this weekend. I could 
connect it with hidd --connect but unfortunately it does not generate any 
input events (same on PC). So the HW might be broken.

I though it could be quite easy, because input handling is handled by Qt and 
should be quite well documented/tested. The trick should be to correctly set 
QWS_KEYBOARD environment variable - you can google for it. E.g. this [1] link 
looks interesting.

Also on PC HW keyboard worked for me in qtmoko.




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