[ANN] Tweakable finger-friendly Xmonad + xvkbd + dzen2 ready-to-use config

Paul Fertser fercerpav at gmail.com
Thu Mar 7 17:46:09 CET 2013

Hi David,

"dmatthews.org" <mail at dmatthews.org> writes:
>> Along with Xmonad config, xvkbd tweaks and a bash wrapper for dzen2
>> I've also added some notes about from-scratch X.org configuration for
>> gta02, gta04 and about creating a custom Xkb setup.
> have you managed to integrate the phoneui stuff?

I haven't tried as I feel no need for that. I'm using my own Emacs
interface to FSO for more than 2 years and if or when it doesn't do
something I need, extending is easy and fun. I do not see any reason why
SHR's UI would be incompatible with my Xmonad configuration though.

That said, I'm using FSO indeed, but not the released version, as I had
to hunt down some bugs before I felt comfortable. You can try using
Cornucopia 0.12 but with gta02 you'll have unnecessary wakeups (on every
+CREG) and messages would fill up the SIM (so you'll have to clean it
sometimes) and Display and CPU resource handling would be
buggy. Compiling FSO natively is possible but is a pain, somewhat
obliviated if you have distcc working.

> would you mind providing a dpkg --get-selections and sources.list?

Selections attached (but I'm not actually using anything from fso,
running actual binaries from /usr/local) , sources.list is trivial:

deb http://mirror.bytemark.co.uk/debian unstable main 
deb http://mirror.bytemark.co.uk/debian experimental main

Be free, use free (http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/free-sw.html) software!
mailto:fercerpav at gmail.com

===File /root at fr:/root/dpkg-selections======================
acl						install
adduser						install
alsa-oss					install
alsa-utils					install
apmd						install
apt						install
autoconf					install
automake					install
autotools-dev					install
avr-libc					install
avrdude						install
base-files					install
base-passwd					install
bash						install
bc						install
binfmt-support					install
binutils					install
binutils-avr					install
bison						install
bluez-audio					install
bluez-hcidump					install
bluez-utils					install
bridge-utils					install
bsdmainutils					install
bsdutils					install
build-essential					install
bzip2						install
ca-certificates					install
chrpath						install
console-common					install
console-data					install
console-setup					install
console-setup-linux				install
consolekit					install
coreutils					install
cpp						install
cpp-4.6						install
cu						install
dash						install
dbus						install
dbus-x11					install
dconf-gsettings-backend:armel			install
dconf-service					install
debconf						install
debconf-i18n					install
debhelper					install
debian-archive-keyring				install
debianutils					install
defoma						deinstall
devscripts					deinstall
dhcp-client					install
dhcp3-client					install
dhcp3-common					install
diff						install
diffstat					install
diffutils					install
distcc						install
dosfstools					install
dpkg						install
dpkg-dev					install
dropbear					deinstall
dzen2						install
e17						install
e17-data					install
e2fslibs:armel					install
e2fsprogs					install
ed						install
emacs						install
emacs23						install
emacs23-bin-common				install
emacs23-common					install
emacs23-common-non-dfsg				install
emacs23-el					install
emacs24						deinstall
emacsen-common					install
equivs						install
esound-common					install
ethtool						install
expect						install
fakeroot					install
fbpanel						install
fbreader					install
fbset						install
file						install
findutils					install
flac						install
flex						install
fontconfig					install
fontconfig-config				install
foxtrotgps					install
freepats					deinstall
fso-abyss					install
fso-config-gta02				deinstall
fso-deviced					install
fso-frameworkd					install
fso-gpsd					deinstall
fso-gsm0710muxd					deinstall
fso-gsmd					install
fso-sounds-openmoko-nonfree			install
fso-usaged					install
fso-utils					install
g++						install
g++-4.6						install
galculator					install
gcc						install
gcc-4.6						install
gcc-4.6-base:armel				install
gcc-4.7-base:armel				install
gcc-avr						install
gconf-service					install
gconf2						install
gconf2-common					install
gdb						install
gdbserver					install
gettext						install
gettext-base					install
ghc						install
giblib1:armel					install
gir1.2-atk-1.0					install
gir1.2-freedesktop				install
gir1.2-gconf-2.0				install
gir1.2-gdkpixbuf-2.0				install
gir1.2-gee-1.0					install
gir1.2-glib-2.0					install
gir1.2-pango-1.0				install
git						install
git-core					install
git-man						install
git-svn						install
glib-networking:armel				install
glib-networking-common				install
glib-networking-services			install
gnupg						install
gpgv						install
gpsd						install
granule						install
grep						install
groff-base					install
gsettings-desktop-schemas			install
gsfonts						install
gsm0710muxd					deinstall
gstreamer0.10-alsa:armel			install
gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly			install
gzip						install
hostname					install
html2text					install
ifupdown					install
imagemagick-common				deinstall
initscripts					install
input-utils					install
insserv						install
intltool					install
intltool-debian					install
iotop						install
iperf						install
iproute						install
iptables					install
iputils-ping					install
irssi						install
iso-codes					install
jackd						deinstall
kbd						install
keyboard-configuration				install
klogd						install
kmod						install
less						install
lesstif2:armel					install
liba52-0.7.4					install
libacl1:armel					install
libafterimage0					install
libao-common					install
libao2						deinstall
libao4						install
libapm1						deinstall
libapr1						install
libaprutil1					install
libarchive-zip-perl				install
libartsc0					install
libasound2:armel				install
libasound2-dev:armel				install
libaspell15					install
libassa3.5-5:armel				install
libasyncns0:armel				install
libatk1.0-0:armel				install
libatk1.0-data					install
libatk1.0-dev					install
libattr1:armel					install
libaudio2:armel					install
libaudiofile0					install
libaudiofile1:armel				install
libaudit0					install
libavahi-client3:armel				install
libavahi-common-data:armel			install
libavahi-common3:armel				install
libavcodec52					deinstall
libavformat52					deinstall
libavutil49					deinstall
libblas3gf					deinstall
libblkid1:armel					install
libbluetooth2					install
libbluetooth3:armel				install
libbsd-dev					install
libbsd0:armel					install
libbz2-1.0:armel				install
libc-ares2:armel				install
libc-bin					install
libc-dev-bin					install
libc6:armel					install
libc6-dev:armel					install
libcaca0:armel					install
libcairo-gobject2:armel				install
libcairo-script-interpreter2:armel		install
libcairo2:armel					install
libcairo2-dev					install
libcairomm-1.0-1				install
libcap2:armel					install
libck-connector0:armel				install
libclass-isa-perl				install
libcolord1:armel				deinstall
libcomerr2:armel				install
libcroco3:armel					install
libcups2:armel					install
libcurl3:armel					install
libcurl3-gnutls:armel				install
libdatrie0					deinstall
libdatrie1:armel				install
libdb4.5					install
libdb4.6					install
libdb4.8:armel					install
libdb5.1:armel					install
libdbus-1-3:armel				install
libdbus-1-dev					install
libdbus-glib-1-2:armel				install
libdbus-glib-1-dev				install
libdconf0:armel					install
libdirectfb-1.0-0				install
libdirectfb-1.2-0				deinstall
libdirectfb-1.2-9:armel				install
libdpkg-perl					install
libdrm2:armel					install
libdvdread3					install
libecore-				deinstall
libecore-con-				deinstall
libecore-con-svn-03				deinstall
libecore-con-svn-05				deinstall
libecore-con0					deinstall
libecore-con1					install
libecore-config-svn-05				deinstall
libecore-evas-svn-03				deinstall
libecore-evas-svn-05				deinstall
libecore-evas0					deinstall
libecore-evas1					install
libecore-fb-svn-03				deinstall
libecore-fb-svn-05				deinstall
libecore-fb0					deinstall
libecore-fb1					install
libecore-file-svn-03				deinstall
libecore-file-svn-05				deinstall
libecore-file0					deinstall
libecore-file1					install
libecore-imf-svn-03				deinstall
libecore-imf-svn-05				deinstall
libecore-imf0					deinstall
libecore-imf1					install
libecore-input-svn-03				deinstall
libecore-input-svn-05				deinstall
libecore-input1					install
libecore-ipc-svn-03				deinstall
libecore-ipc-svn-05				deinstall
libecore-ipc0					deinstall
libecore-ipc1					install
libecore-job-svn-03				deinstall
libecore-job-svn-05				deinstall
libecore-job0					deinstall
libecore-svn-03					deinstall
libecore-svn-05					deinstall
libecore-txt-svn-03				deinstall
libecore-txt-svn-05				deinstall
libecore-txt0					deinstall
libecore-x-svn-03				deinstall
libecore-x-svn-05				deinstall
libecore-x0					deinstall
libecore-x1					install
libecore1					install
libedbus-				deinstall
libedbus-				deinstall
libedbus-svn-03					deinstall
libedbus-svn-05					deinstall
libedbus1					install
libedit2:armel					install
libedje-				deinstall
libedje-bin					install
libedje-svn-03					deinstall
libedje-svn-05					deinstall
libedje1					install
libeet1						install
libefreet-				deinstall
libefreet-svn-03				deinstall
libefreet-svn-05				deinstall
libefreet0					deinstall
libefreet1					install
libeina-0.0.1a					deinstall
libeina-0.0.1b					deinstall
libeina-svn-03					deinstall
libeina-svn-05					deinstall
libeina1					install
libelementary-data				install
libelementary-svn-02				deinstall
libelementary-svn-05				deinstall
libelementary-svn-09				install
libelf1:armel					install
libembryo-bin					install
libembryo0					deinstall
libembryo1					install
libenchant1c2a					install
liberror-perl					install
libesd0:armel					install
libetk1						deinstall
libevas-				deinstall
libevas-				deinstall
libevas-svn-03					deinstall
libevas-svn-05					deinstall
libevas1					install
libevas1-engines-core				install
libevas1-engines-x				install
libexif-dev					install
libexif12:armel					install
libexpat1:armel					install
libexpat1-dev					install
libfaad0					deinstall
libfakekey0					deinstall
libfam0						deinstall
libffi-dev:armel				install
libffi5:armel					install
libfile-fcntllock-perl				install
libflac8:armel					install
libfontconfig1:armel				install
libfontconfig1-dev				install
libfontenc1:armel				install
libframeworkd-glib-20100213			deinstall
libframeworkd-glib0				deinstall
libframeworkd-phonegui-efl			deinstall
libframeworkd-phonegui0				deinstall
libfreetype6:armel				install
libfreetype6-dev				install
libfribidi0:armel				install
libfso-glib0:armel				install
libfso-glib1:armel				install
libfsobasics0:armel				install
libfsodata0:armel				install
libfsoframework0:armel				install
libfsoresource0:armel				install
libfsosystem0:armel				install
libfsotransport0:armel				install
libfsotransport1:armel				install
libftdi1:armel					install
libgail18:armel					install
libgcc1:armel					install
libgconf-2-4:armel				install
libgconf2-dev					install
libgcrypt11:armel				install
libgcrypt11-dev					install
libgd2-noxpm:armel				install
libgdbm3:armel					install
libgdk-pixbuf2.0-0:armel			install
libgdk-pixbuf2.0-common				install
libgdk-pixbuf2.0-dev				install
libgee-dev					install
libgee2:armel					install
libgfortran3:armel				deinstall
libghc-mtl-dev					install
libghc-random-dev				install
libghc-syb-dev					install
libghc-transformers-dev				install
libghc-utf8-string-dev				install
libghc-x11-dev					install
libghc-x11-xft-dev				install
libghc-xmonad-contrib-dev			install
libghc-xmonad-dev				install
libgif-dev					install
libgif4						install
libgirepository-1.0-1				install
libgl1-mesa-glx:armel				install
libglade2-0					install
libglapi-mesa:armel				install
libglib2.0-0:armel				install
libglib2.0-bin					install
libglib2.0-data					install
libglib2.0-dev					install
libglibmm-2.4-1c2a:armel			install
libglu1-mesa					deinstall
libgmp-dev:armel				install
libgmp10:armel					install
libgmp3c2					deinstall
libgmpxx4ldbl:armel				install
libgnutls-dev					install
libgnutls-openssl27:armel			install
libgnutls26:armel				install
libgnutlsxx27:armel				install
libgomp1:armel					install
libgpg-error-dev				install
libgpg-error0:armel				install
libgpgme11					install
libgpm-dev:armel				install
libgpm2:armel					install
libgps-dev					install
libgps19					deinstall
libgps20:armel					install
libgsasl7					install
libgsf-1-114					deinstall
libgsm0710-0:armel				install
libgsm0710mux0:armel				install
libgsm1:armel					install
libgssapi-krb5-2:armel				install
libgssrpc4:armel				install
libgstreamer-plugins-base0.10-0:armel		install
libgstreamer0.10-0:armel			install
libgtk-3-0:armel				deinstall
libgtk-3-common					deinstall
libgtk2.0-0:armel				install
libgtk2.0-common				install
libgtk2.0-dev					install
libgtkmm-2.4-1c2a				install
libhtml-parser-perl				install
libhtml-tagset-perl				install
libhtml-tree-perl				install
libhunspell-1.2-0				install
libhunspell-1.3-0:armel				install
libice-dev:armel				install
libice6:armel					install
libicu38					deinstall
libicu42					install
libid3tag0					install
libidl0						deinstall
libidn11:armel					install
libimlib2					install
libio-pty-perl					install
libiw29						deinstall
libiw30:armel					install
libjack0:armel					install
libjasper1:armel				install
libjbig0:armel					install
libjbig2dec0					install
libjbig2dec0-dev				install
libjpeg62:armel					install
libjpeg8:armel					install
libjs-jquery					install
libjs-mootools					install
libjson0:armel					install
libjudydebian1					install
libk5crypto3:armel				install
libkadm5clnt-mit7				deinstall
libkadm5clnt-mit8:armel				install
libkadm5srv-mit7				deinstall
libkadm5srv-mit8:armel				install
libkdb5-4					deinstall
libkdb5-6:armel					install
libkeyutils1:armel				install
libkmod2:armel					install
libkrb5-3:armel					install
libkrb53					deinstall
libkrb5support0:armel				install
liblapack3gf					deinstall
liblcms2-2:armel				deinstall
libldap-2.4-2:armel				install
liblinebreak2					install
libllvm3.0:armel				install
liblocale-gettext-perl				install
liblockfile-bin					install
liblockfile-dev					install
liblockfile1:armel				install
liblqr-1-0:armel				deinstall
libltdl3					deinstall
libltdl7:armel					install
liblua5.1-0:armel				install
liblzma5:armel					install
liblzo2-2:armel					install
libm17n-0					install
libmad0						install
libmagic1:armel					install
libmagickcore5:armel				deinstall
libmagickwand5:armel				deinstall
libmatchbox1:armel				install
libmodplug0c2					deinstall
libmount1					install
libmp3lame0:armel				install
libmpc2:armel					install
libmpeg2-4:armel				install
libmpeg3-1					deinstall
libmpfr1ldbl					deinstall
libmpfr4:armel					install
libmysqlclient15off				deinstall
libncurses5:armel				install
libncurses5-dev					install
libncursesw5:armel				install
libneon27-gnutls				install
libnewt0.52					install
libnl-3-200:armel				install
libnl-3-dev					install
libnl-genl-3-200:armel				install
libnl-route-3-200:armel				install
libnl-route-3-dev				install
libnl1:armel					deinstall
libnl2						install
libnotify1					install
libnotify4:armel				install
libntlm0					install
libode0debian1					install
libode1						deinstall
libogg0:armel					install
liboil0.3					install
libomhacks0					install
libopencore-amrnb0:armel			install
libopencore-amrwb0:armel			install
libopenjpeg-dev					install
libopenjpeg2:armel				install
libopenobex1					install
liborbit2					deinstall
liborc-0.4-0:armel				install
libotf0						install
libotr2						install
libp11-kit-dev					install
libp11-kit0:armel				install
libpam-modules:armel				install
libpam-modules-bin				install
libpam-opie					install
libpam-runtime					install
libpam0g:armel					install
libpango1.0-0:armel				install
libpango1.0-common				deinstall
libpango1.0-dev					install
libpangomm-1.4-1				install
libpaper1:armel					install
libpcap0.8:armel				install
libpci3:armel					install
libpciaccess0:armel				install
libpcre3:armel					install
libpcre3-dev:armel				install
libpcrecpp0:armel				install
libpcsclite1:armel				install
libperl5.14					install
libphone-ui-20100213				deinstall
libphone-ui-20110825:armel			deinstall
libphone-ui-common				deinstall
libphone-utils0					deinstall
libpipeline1:armel				install
libpixman-1-0:armel				install
libpixman-1-dev					install
libpkcs11-helper1:armel				install
libpng12-0:armel				install
libpng12-dev					install
libpolkit-dbus2					install
libpolkit-gobject-1-0:armel			install
libpolkit-grant2				install
libpolkit2					install
libpopt0:armel					install
libpq5						deinstall
libprocps0:armel				install
libprotobuf7					install
libproxy0:armel					install
libpth20					install
libpthread-stubs0:armel				install
libpthread-stubs0-dev:armel			install
libpulse0:armel					install
libpython2.7					install
libreadline5:armel				install
libreadline6:armel				install
libreadline6-dev:armel				install
librsvg2-2:armel				install
librsvg2-common:armel				install
librtmp-dev					install
librtmp0:armel					install
libruby1.8					install
libsamplerate0:armel				deinstall
libsasl2-2:armel				install
libschroedinger-1.0-0				deinstall
libsdl-image1.2:armel				install
libsdl-ttf2.0-0:armel				install
libsdl1.2debian:armel				install
libsdl1.2debian-alsa				deinstall
libselinux1:armel				install
libsemanage-common				install
libsemanage1:armel				install
libsepol1:armel					install
libserf-0-0					install
libshr-glib0:armel				deinstall
libsidplay1					install
libsigc++-2.0-0c2a:armel			install
libslang2:armel					install
libsm-dev:armel					install
libsm6:armel					install
libsndfile1:armel				install
libsoup2.4-1:armel				install
libsox-fmt-alsa					install
libsox-fmt-base					install
libsox1						deinstall
libsox2						install
libspeex1					deinstall
libsqlite0					install
libsqlite3-0:armel				install
libsqlite3-dev					install
libss2:armel					install
libssh2-1:armel					install
libssh2-1-dev					install
libssl-dev					install
libssl0.9.8					install
libssl1.0.0:armel				install
libstartup-notification0			install
libstdc++6:armel				install
libstdc++6-4.6-dev				install
libsvn-perl					install
libsvn1:armel					install
libswitch-perl					install
libsysfs2:armel					install
libsystemd-login0:armel				install
libt1-5						install
libtasn1-3:armel				install
libtasn1-3-dev					install
libterm-readkey-perl				install
libtext-charwidth-perl				install
libtext-iconv-perl				install
libtext-wrapi18n-perl				install
libthai-data					install
libthai0:armel					install
libtheora0					deinstall
libtiff4:armel					install
libtiffxx0c2:armel				deinstall
libtimedate-perl				install
libtinfo-dev:armel				install
libtinfo5:armel					install
libtool						install
libts-0.0-0:armel				install
libts-bin					install
libudev0:armel					install
libungif4-dev					install
libunique-1.0-0					install
libunistring0:armel				install
liburi-perl					install
libusb-0.1-4:armel				install
libusb-1.0-0:armel				install
libustr-1.0-1:armel				install
libutempter0					install
libuuid1:armel					install
libvala-0.16-0:armel				install
libvoikko1					install
libvolume-id0					install
libvolume-id1					install
libvorbis0a:armel				install
libvorbisenc2:armel				install
libvorbisfile3:armel				install
libwavpack1:armel				install
libwebkit-1.0-1					deinstall
libwebkit-1.0-2					install
libwebkit-1.0-common				install
libwebp2:armel					install
libwrap0:armel					install
libwww-perl					install
libx11-6:armel					install
libx11-data					install
libx11-dev:armel				install
libx11-xcb1:armel				install
libx264-120:armel				install
libxau-dev:armel				install
libxau6:armel					install
libxaw7:armel					install
libxcb-aux0					deinstall
libxcb-image0					deinstall
libxcb-render-util0				deinstall
libxcb-render0:armel				install
libxcb-render0-dev:armel			install
libxcb-shape0:armel				install
libxcb-shm0:armel				install
libxcb-shm0-dev:armel				install
libxcb-util0:armel				install
libxcb-xlib0					deinstall
libxcb1:armel					install
libxcb1-dev:armel				install
libxcomposite-dev				install
libxcomposite1:armel				install
libxcursor-dev:armel				install
libxcursor1:armel				install
libxdamage-dev					install
libxdamage1:armel				install
libxdmcp-dev:armel				install
libxdmcp6:armel					install
libxdo2						install
libxext-dev:armel				install
libxext6:armel					install
libxfixes-dev					install
libxfixes3:armel				install
libxfont1					install
libxft-dev					install
libxft2:armel					install
libxi-dev					install
libxi6:armel					install
libxinerama-dev:armel				install
libxinerama1:armel				install
libxkbfile1:armel				install
libxml-parser-perl				install
libxml-writer-perl				install
libxml2:armel					install
libxml2-dev:armel				install
libxml2-utils					install
libxmu-dev:armel				install
libxmu-headers					install
libxmu6:armel					install
libxmuu1:armel					install
libxp6:armel					install
libxpm-dev:armel				install
libxpm4:armel					install
libxrandr-dev					install
libxrandr2:armel				install
libxrender-dev:armel				install
libxrender1:armel				install
libxsettings-client0				install
libxslt1.1:armel				install
libxss1:armel					install
libxt-dev:armel					install
libxt6:armel					install
libxtrap6					deinstall
libxtst-dev:armel				install
libxtst6:armel					install
libxv1:armel					install
libxxf86dga1:armel				install
libxxf86misc1					deinstall
libxxf86vm1:armel				install
libyaml-0-1					deinstall
libyaml-0-2:armel				install
libzlcore					deinstall
libzlcore-data					install
libzlcore0.12					install
libzltext					deinstall
libzltext-data					install
libzltext0.12					install
libzlui-gtk					install
links2						install
linux-image-2.6.24-openmoko-gta02		install
linux-libc-dev:armel				install
linux-sound-base				install
llvm-3.0					install
llvm-3.0-runtime				install
localepurge					install
locales						install
login						install
lsb-base					install
lsb-release					install
lsof						install
lzma						install
m17n-contrib					install
m17n-db						install
m4						install
madplay						install
make						install
man-db						install
manpages					install
manpages-dev					install
matchbox-window-manager				install
mawk						install
mcabber						install
mencal						install
midori						install
mime-support					install
minicom						install
miredo						install
mktemp						install
mobile-broadband-provider-info			install
module-init-tools				install
mokomaze					install
mosh						install
mount						install
mpg321						install
msmtp						install
mtd-utils					install
multiarch-support				install
mupdf						install
mysql-common					deinstall
nano						install
ncurses-base					install
ncurses-bin					install
ndisc6						install
net-tools					install
netbase						install
netcat						install
netcat-openbsd					install
netcat-traditional				install
nmap						install
nodm						install
obexftp						install
obexpushd					install
omhacks						install
openmoko-panel-plugin				deinstall
openssh-blacklist				install
openssh-client					install
openssh-server					install
openssl						install
openvpn						install
ophonekitd					deinstall
opie-client					install
opie-server					install
passwd						install
patch						install
pciutils					install
perl						install
perl-base					install
perl-modules					install
phonefsod					deinstall
phoneuid					deinstall
pkg-config					install
pkg-fso-keyring					install
pm-utils					install
po-debconf					install
policykit					install
postpone					install
potamus						deinstall
powermgmt-base					install
powertop					install
ppp						install
ppp-dev						install
procps						install
psmisc						install
pwgen						install
python						install
python-alsaaudio				install
python-central					deinstall
python-dateutil					install
python-dbus					install
python-gdbm					install
python-gi					install
python-gobject-2				install
python-minimal					install
python-phoneutils				deinstall
python-pkg-resources				install
python-serial					install
python-setuptools				install
python-sqlite					install
python-support					install
python-vobject					install
python-yaml					install
python2.5					deinstall
python2.5-minimal				deinstall
python2.7					install
python2.7-minimal				install
quilt						install
rdate						install
rdnssd						install
readline-common					install
rxvt-unicode					install
scons						install
screen						install
scrot						install
sed						install
sensible-utils					install
shared-mime-info				install
socat						install
sox						install
sqlite3						install
stopwatch					install
strace						install
sysklogd					install
sysv-rc						install
sysvinit					install
sysvinit-utils					install
tangogps					deinstall
tar						install
tcl						install
tcl8.4						install
tcpdump						install
telnet						install
texinfo						install
tk						install
tk8.4						install
trayer						install
tsconf						install
tsocks						install
ttf-dejavu-core					install
ttf-liberation					install
tzdata						install
ucf						install
udev						install
udhcpc						install
unzip						install
usbutils					install
util-linux					install
valac						install
valac-0.16					install
valac-0.16-vapi					install
vim-common					install
vim-gtk						install
vim-gui-common					install
vim-nox						install
vim-runtime					install
vim-tiny					install
wget						install
whiptail					install
wireless-tools					install
wmiconfig					install
wpasupplicant					install
x11-apps					install
x11-common					install
x11-utils					install
x11-xkb-utils					install
x11-xserver-utils				install
x11proto-composite-dev				install
x11proto-core-dev				install
x11proto-damage-dev				install
x11proto-fixes-dev				install
x11proto-input-dev				install
x11proto-kb-dev					install
x11proto-randr-dev				install
x11proto-record-dev				install
x11proto-render-dev				install
x11proto-xext-dev				install
x11proto-xinerama-dev				install
xauth						install
xaw3dg:armel					install
xaw3dg-dev:armel				install
xbacklight					install
xbitmaps					install
xdotool						install
xfonts-base					install
xfonts-encodings				install
xfonts-utils					install
xglamo						install
xinit						deinstall
xkb-data					install
xmonad						install
xorg-sgml-doctools				install
xpdf						install
xpdf-common					install
xpdf-reader					install
xpdf-utils					install
xserver-common					install
xserver-xfbdev					install
xserver-xglamo					install
xserver-xorg					deinstall
xserver-xorg-core				install
xserver-xorg-input-evdev			install
xserver-xorg-input-tslib			install
xserver-xorg-video-glamo			install
xsltproc					install
xterm						install
xtrans-dev					install
xutils-dev					install
xvkbd						install
xz-utils					install
zlib1g:armel					install
zlib1g-dev:armel				install

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