First small steps toward free GSM firmware

Norayr Chilingarian norayr at
Sun Nov 10 10:33:47 CET 2013

So, I were getting messages in SHR, that the SIM SMS card storage is
full, and I need to remove some messages.
However by running SMS program in SHR I could not get list of messages
previously. Neither I can get this list now.
What is interesting, is that after second reboot it had "received" a
bunch of messages, each of them I could remove upon reading.
Those messages were actually old. I had to see them and remove long time
May be that's SHR issue, because as far as I remember, SMS program in
QtMoko could get list of messages.

What's also interesting, I have an impression, that power managment
works much better. With turned on gsm, it lasts more than 3-4 hours, as
before. I'll measure how long will it stay today. But I already see it's
becoming usable. Yes, I did not fix hardware. No, I did not enable deep
sleep in /etc/frameworkd.conf. So I did not do anything to fix the
issue. It seems that just with this firmware power management works
better. That was also one of the reasons I wanted to try this firmware.
Though I did not have great hopes it will make change, because I have
read that hardware fix is necessary, but anyway, at least there is an
improvement for sure.
I had moko11 before.

Another note.
Previously, probably after sleep (SHR puts device to sleep by default)
GSM did not want to return very often. Now, once it did not return, and
simply turning off on on GSM from the Settings helped very fast. As far
as I remember, with moko11 firmware, usually reboot was necessary to get
the GSM back.

>Now this is truly interesting - are you saying that you are seeing
differences in SMS handling behaviour between moko11 and my leo2moko,
and that leo2moko works better for you in this regard? Details, please!

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