First small steps toward free GSM firmware

Norayr Chilingarian norayr at
Sun Nov 10 22:39:22 CET 2013

Okay, I see what you say.
As Nick mentioned I would write instructions in wiki. As I have written
previously in this mailing list, it would be good if someone could
document how to build and flash it step by step.
Wiki is good for collaborative editing, and if I have made unnecessary
steps, someone may fix my howto. It's editable. On the other side nobody
can prevent me from writing any bullishit at my own site or wiki, where
only I have access to. Thus collaborative wiki is always more trustable
than separate one with controlled access.
Even if I were writing there nonsense, the text is digital and editable,
unlike cuneiform it's cut in stone.

11/10/13 09:19 -ում, joerg Reisenweber-ը գրել է:
> On Sun 10 November 2013 18:03:36 Norayr Chilingarian wrote:
>> I know, that people tend to make connection between events.
>> I know, that often it is useful, and often it is wrong to make those
>> connections.
>> I don't know why do I see an improvement, and I accept the possibility,
>> that it's because of other firmware.
>> How can we know if it is? More testing, more users trying it.
>> Try the firmware and write there your observations. Measure something if
>> you can.
> Pretty evil and rogue approach to suggest coming up with some nonsense that 
> other more competent people tell you is definitely unrelated, and suggest other 
> people should waste their time on trying to reproduce your findings, while you 
> can't come up with any sane story why those "patches" or "fixes" you claim to 
> see are real.
> How about this: my last 3 firmware flashes were in the night between 3:00 and 
> 3:30, I claim this could mean something worth investigating and now I ask 
> other users to get up in the night and reflash their modem firmware to verify 
> they see more responsiveness in scrolling screens after that.
> *maybe* you're able to get my point. And no, this is NOT about censorship, 
> this is about taking care of OM's customer base, protecting them from 
> suggestions to clean their device in dishwasher engine and the like.
> BR

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