First small steps toward free GSM firmware

Norayr Chilingarian norayr at
Sun Nov 10 22:53:55 CET 2013

Also, I never did write anything about moko11 bugs.
I don't know about them.
I did write that my perception is, this firmware seem to have better
power management.

I believe in medicine, and I don't believe in ghosts.
If you say, it's unrelated, I don't argue.
What can I say now, it worked ~10 hours with GSM turned on, had two
reboots, and still has 63% of battery power.
May be that's connected to heating or something else. But my device
became usable, I was writing that it had problems in this mailing list a
couple of weeks ago.

About wiki, first of all, we have new, legally free (in those repressive
countries (: ) tool - the flasher. Secondly we have the alternative
firmware _with_source code.
I belive it worth to write there about free flasher, how to build it,
and how to use it, not only with leo2moko port. The flasher can be used
to flash moko11 too. Also, it worth to write there how to build the
leo2moko firmware. Anyone may add whatever political concern she has to
the same wiki page.

11/10/13 09:32 -???, joerg Reisenweber-? ???? ?:
> On Sun 10 November 2013 18:27:45 Nick wrote:
>> Quoth Norayr Chilingarian:
>>> What I would write in wiki is step by step instructions how to build the
>>> firmware, free loader, and flash it.
>>> I don't think it can confuse someone in some way.
>>> What about moderation, then, well, what you are saying is against
>>> collaborative work, like it is in Wikipedia.
>>> Everyone, by even not having Wikipedia account could go and write
>>> everything he wants. However, as we see, there are more sane people
>>> rather than idiots, and Wikipedia is mostly correct.
>> I think Joerg was worried about you writing a page saying "this
>> firmware improves power consumption" before more testing and
>> consulting with more knowledgeable people. I'm sure we all agree
>> that a place to discuss ideas and possibilities (as wrong as they
>> may turn out to be) is valuable, but Joerg has no doubt been around
>> long enough to have to deal with the fallout of those discussions /
>> conjectures being left in places where people take theories that had
>> been disproved elsewhere as fact, and shared the disinformation
>> wider. Which ultimately can give a bad impression to a project, as
>> well as bad experience to others.
>> Which is a long way of saying: the mailing list is the best place
>> for discussion, and the wiki should be reserved for things which we
>> are more sure about. So instructions on building and loading the
>> firmware would be fine for the wiki, but speculations about its
>> power saving (or sms receiving) improvements are best for the
>> mailing list. Which I know is what you suggested, but that wasn't
>> clear initially.
> !00% ACK, sorry if that wasn't clear enough from what I wrote. Thanks for 
> helping me out :-)
> /j
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