First small steps toward free GSM firmware

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Sun Nov 10 23:36:17 CET 2013

On Sun 10 November 2013 22:53:55 Norayr Chilingarian wrote:
> About wiki, first of all, we have new, legally free (in those repressive
> countries (: ) tool - the flasher. Secondly we have the alternative
> firmware _with_source code.
> I belive it worth to write there about free flasher, how to build it,
> and how to use it, not only with leo2moko port. The flasher can be used
> to flash moko11 too. Also, it worth to write there how to build the
> leo2moko firmware. Anyone may add whatever political concern she has to
> the same wiki page.

Absolutely. nothing wrong in instructions how to build and flash new calypso 
firmware. Just please don't sugest it might fix issues that users may conceive 
they have. Placebo effect is all powerful. And more users flashing new firmware 
and then looking for any improvements they might want to spot will result in 
more such reports about "new firmware improves XYZ" which agian pulls in new 
users tempted to try and believe.

By all means write instructions based on clear facts! We need those.
Sorry if I sounded rude.

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