First small steps toward free GSM firmware

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On Fri 15 November 2013 01:59:10 Sebastian Krzyszkowiak wrote:
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> > very_mobile_phone
> I really don't understand this article. It's like it's some kind of
> surprise that GSM modems run firmware on their processors. It's so
> obvious, yet everyone seems surprised and shares this article like it
> was something insightful.
> Probably you know this, but I feel like clearing it up to some other
> readers that may be confused: This whole topic is exactly about such
> "OS hiding in the modem" and I guess everyone who was following
> Openmoko struggling with firmware bugs already know that it's buggy
> and probably not very hard to exploit (AFAIR even some pretty standard
> GPRS usage may cause buffer overflows).

Lastly, the baseband processor is usually the master processor, whereas the 
application processor (which runs the mobile operating system) is the slave.

Nothing more to say. This article isn't worth the CPU time to render it on my 

You can hack and exploit the baseband as much as you like, it stays baseband 
can can do nothing it couldn't do anytime on any location in the network.
IOW, don't worry about what's going on in your modem. It's even less 
interesting than what's going on in your harddisk of your PC. Since the 
harddisk could actually introduce a infected bootloader or kernel to your 
system, the modem is sth you rarely ever boot from. ;-P


Thanks Dos1! :-)
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