Getcal application is available to get your online calendars

Adrien Dorsaz adrien at
Fri Nov 29 18:54:11 CET 2013


I'm proud to announce you I finally get back my GTA04 with a working USB
port and I was able to package Getcal for QtMoko.

Getcal [0] is a GUI for ics2qtcal [1] to fetch your online calendars. It
can save settings for several servers and calendars, fetch the calendars
and fill the QtMoko calendar with them. As ics2qtcal can't synchronize
calendars, Getcal can't too.

First, you'll need to install ics2qtcal [2] and its dependencies (it
depends on some PERL libraries), then you can install Getcal [3].

It was tested on GTA04, but it should work on GTA02 too.
The only thing I wasn't able to make is to set the getcal icon to the

Hope that it will help you use QtMoko every day ;)
Adrien Dorsaz

[0] :
[1] :
[2] :
[3] :

(you can find also code on github/Trim)

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