Labour conditions and mineral sources

Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at
Tue Sep 24 07:16:45 CEST 2013

Hi kardan,

Am 24.09.2013 um 04:52 schrieb kardan:

> Hi,
> I would like to add production stories to the website. Also more info
> about the companies that produces the prototypes so far would be nice.
> There is nothing available about hardware[1] or involved companies what
> I could put to the website.

For production stories you can look into the youtube videos we have. But there isn't more raw material available and I don't think people want to invest time to dig into history. So we could work on better documenting future production runs.

> Have there been any requests so far or do I need to start from scratch?
> Is there a list with all the parts and selling companies somewhere?


There have been several component sources, the main ones beingAvnet, DigiKey and Mouser as distributors and some have changed between. But if you buy at a supermarket, you just get the information "these grapes are from spain, greece etc. and fulfill this or that quality criteria" but no other details. So all we know is that all components are ROHS certified and lead-free solder paste has been used.

Another story is that, there have been experiments with different solder pastes and flux to find out why there were production problems. AFAIK there is no documentation about that. But it turned out that the soldering process itself (hot air reflow vs. vapour phase reflow) is the most critical thing.

But I am not sure if this approach leads to anything useful.

It appears to me that you focus in the "fair production" aspect and want to /analyse/ what has been done 1-3 years ago. This IMHO does not help anything for the future, since a fair produced product must be /designed/ for fair production and when we started this topic was not yet known and popular as a goal at all.

So if you want to see a GTA04 where each part of the production and device is documented you may even have to start to design a new one :(


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