Crowdfunding an Ubuntu smartphone (right now)

Stefan Monnier monnier at
Wed Sep 25 05:01:09 CEST 2013

The main problem I see with such Free and/or Open phone is the "small
production" syndrome.  Small productions mean high prices and low
reliability, whereas we need reasonable prices and reliability.

So we need to focus on making larger production.  For that, we need to
widen the target "market".  I'm not sure how best to do that, but
I think the key is in making products that can be used in more
E.g. the EOMA project comes to mind: a single "SoC card" can potentially
be used in various devices (tablet, router, NAS, ...).

If the core part of the hardware could be shared between communities
such as Openmoko (free phone), Raspberry, etc.. then it'd be easier to
get that core part produced at reasonable cost, and to have a reasonably
reliable kernel running on it.


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