TIFFS in vitro analyzer tool released

Michael Spacefalcon msokolov at ivan.Harhan.ORG
Mon Feb 3 19:54:26 CET 2014

Giacomo 'giotti' Mariani <giacomomariani at yahoo.it> wrote:

> Hi Comrade,
> I can't find the FreeCalypso directory at
> $ ftp  ifctfvax.Harhan.ORG

For a moment I was wondering "why are people going to that old FTP
site and not the new one at ftp.ifctf.org?", but then I realized that
I posted a bogus URL for loadtools-r2.tar.bz2...  My apologies for
that mistake.

> Well... I found the directory and the two files I was looking for:
> wget ftp://ftp.ifctf.org/pub/GSM/FreeCalypso/loadtools-r2.tar.bz2
> wget ftp://ftp.ifctf.org/pub/GSM/FreeCalypso/tiffs-iva-r1.tar.bz2

Yes, these are the correct URLs for the correct FreeCalypso FTP site;
sorry about my earlier mistake.

> Everything looks fine, but it does not work:
> # fc-loadtool -h gta02 /dev/ttySAC0
> Sending beacons to /dev/ttySAC0
> Toggling /sys/bus/platform/devices/gta02-pm-gsm.0/power_on
> Got beacon response, attempting download
> <p command successful, switching to 115200 baud
> Sending image payload
> Block #0: No response to <w command
> #

The above looks like an effect of some other process competing with
fc-loadtool for the /dev/ttySAC0 serial channel to the modem, or maybe
even for the modem power control.  Did you say you are running Qtmoko?
Do you know how to stop whatever processes normally access the modem
in that distro?  (I certainly don't, as I've never used any of the
"normal" distros on my FR, only the minimal Buildroot environment I
hacked together for playing with the modem.)

It looks like you will need to convince the maintainer of Qtmoko to
tell you (and the rest of us) how to get his popular distro working
with FreeCalypso tools.  Or you could try the special distro which
David Matthews put together - the 2nd version which works without the
special cable.


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