TIFFS in vitro analyzer tool released

David Matthews mail at dmatthews.org
Mon Feb 3 21:06:24 CET 2014


>It looks like you will need to convince the maintainer of Qtmoko to
>tell you (and the rest of us) how to get his popular distro working
>with FreeCalypso tools.  Or you could try the special distro which
>David Matthews put together - the 2nd version which works without the
>special cable.

Making a general purpose distro such as Qtmoko loadtools capable is likely to be a non starter. As well as stopping everything that's accessing the modem - which will likely be the problem Giacomo reported - it's likely to be advisable to rip out all the audio stuff also. 

hehe - So prepare your qtmoko (by ripping it to shreds), run loadtools to flash your calypso, then reinstall and recover your data from backups :-)

Better idea - use the "special distro" (I used Qtmoko as a starting point) with or without the cable - or else build your own single purpose boot_and_run_from_sdcard system.

David Matthews
mail at dmatthews.org
David Matthews
mail at dmatthews.org

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