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Hello Boudewijn
Thank you so much for this summary, I appreciate it very much because I
could not be there. I'm very happy to see that our community is still
alive, so thank you very much!

Best regards,
Il 05/feb/2014 23:25 "Boudewijn" <wankelwankel at> ha scritto:

> Hi List,
> As you know, last weekend FOSDEM was held at the Brussels Free University.
> For
> the first time in years, OpenPhoenux didn't have its own stand. Luckily
> enough
> Michael from OpenPandora/Pyra offered to use part of their stand.
> There were a GTA04 in Freerunner case and a Freerunner to admire, both
> running
> QtMoko (v58/56), and lacking a spare GTA04-board I put the old Freerunner
> board next to it for the idea (it had been nice if all visitors had
> recognized
> the imposter immediately, they didn't though ;-) )
> Besides the hardware there were some flyers for the GTA04 as well as the
> Neo900. There were a couple of people dropping by thinking of their
> Openmoko
> in a drawer, pleasantly surprised by the looks of QtMoko and asking about
> the
> battery life of the new boards. I can get by, with about a day of battery
> life
> with light usage. That seemed reasonable to them, one of them got just six
> hours out of his Freerunner.
> There was quite a lot of interest in Neo900 as well, even though the flyers
> were not more than the specs page of
> OpenPandora's successor, DragonBox Pyra was on show. With OpenPandora
> being a
> sister project, running very similar hardware and production facilities, it
> would be nice if we can keep sharing hardware. The Pyra got a fast dual
> core
> A15 CPU, and it seems you can throw anything at it. We haven't spoken about
> power consumption though, I just know one of the strong points of
> OpenPandora
> is its huge battery.
> The stand next to us was about power savings in software (
> such as optimization flags at compile time. Perhaps some of their findings
> are
> applicable in ARM as well.
> There were more than a few list members; Chris pointed me to the
> powersavers
> above and we had a general chat, PaulK came by to talk about Replicant and
> the
> kernel. I haven't had time to do much more than keeping up with the
> mailinglist, so there wasn't anything I could tell him first hand. GNUtoo
> was
> at the CoreBoot stand, I only spoke him shortly.
> Later on the day I got my new SIM for the Limesco network. Limesco is a
> in the Netherlands, run by hackers and activists for the same. In case
> you're
> in the Netherlands, give them a look (Disclosure: I'm involved in Limesco,
> so
> I'm a bit biased ;-) ) The nice thing is that this way you can run the
> whole
> mobile stack "in house": we got either our own hardware or firmware, our
> own
> printed case, on our own network, and perhaps we can use Sysmocoms
> programmable SIMs.
> We ended with a dinner with members of different projects. I had a great
> time,
> enjoyed meeting old friends and telling people about our project. Thank you
> all for making it possible!
> Best regards,
> Boudewijn
> PS: I got some photos, I'll send an update when they're available online.
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