IMEI changing kit for GTA02

Michael Spacefalcon msokolov at ivan.Harhan.ORG
Sat Feb 8 13:14:23 CET 2014

joerg Reisenweber <joerg at> wrote:

> I have no idea, I took care about GSM firmware only much later. But I think
> until the point in time when I was able to contract Dieter Spaar for OM, there
< been significantly less knowhow about all that stuff inside OM than what you
> demonstrate here.

Hehe.  It looks like my effective taking of the stewardship of this
modem firmware is not such a bad thing for the community after all. :)
Or at least for what's left of the FR user community...

I wonder though how Dieter acquired that knowhow back in the day - did
he previously work for some other modem or dumbphone manufacturer that
used TI chipsets?  Or maybe even for TI-Berlin (former Condat GmbH) or

> And the whole stuff been even temporarily considered
> lost forever, thanks to reformatting of a laptop HDD (iirc).


> Also see bug # 666 which got fixed in moko5 but evidently the patched lib
> TI provided for that got dropped for no reason in later fw versions,
> until Dieter noticed that and included it again in Moko9-Beta1

Stories like this make me wonder how many other bugs of similar nature
might still be lurking in those closed binary libs.  That is one of
the reasons why I seek to produce a "hybrid" Calypso fw by combining
the RTOS environment / drivers / BSP pieces from the TCS211 source
(the one leo2moko was built from) with the GSM stack source from the
LoCosto find - it will give us a fully functional modem fw without any
binary blobs!

Whoever originally liberated the TCS3.2 (LoCosto) source which I found
at <> in 2013-05 (through a Google
search!) is a real hero.  If it wasn't for this leak, the only C source
we would have had for the core GSM stack would have been the TSM30
version from 2003, i.e., a definite backward step from the TCS211
version given in binary form to FIC, Foxconn (Pirelli DP-L10) and a
bunch of others in the 2007 time frame.


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