QtMoko mail reader doesn't display multi-part messages

Adrien Dorsaz adrien at adorsaz.ch
Wed Feb 19 17:39:41 CET 2014

Hi Neil,

It seems that the "mail->partCount()" function give me always '0' and so
it's never been able to display my mail.

Le mercredi 19 février 2014 à 15:10 +0000, Neil Jerram a écrit :
> Hi Adrien,
> Are you sure this is a storage problem, as opposed to a display problem? 
>   I've previously looked at some cases of failing to display multipart 
> messages, and all the cases that I looked at were just display problems.

I've just checked by writing log of a github messages (github make
multipart-alternative mails with text/plain and text/html parts) and I
had always :

        1. Messaging :  Just instantiated message number  29515  with  0  parts 
        2. Messaging :  This mail has  0  parts and his body data is : 
        3. Messaging :  "" 
        4. Messaging :  #### End of data #### 

the number of parts is retrieved with "mail->partCount()" (on line 1 it
comes from the QMailStorage::message() function and on line 2 from the
Browser::displayHtml() function) and the body data on line 3 is found
with "mail->body().data()" at the begining of the displayHtml()

I think so the storage is good (I've checked the database and
corresponding raw files), but restoring QMailMessage from these stored
data doesn't seem to work and I didn't find where the raw files are
parsed to determine if the message has a body or if it is has

I've said that I thought that the reader code seemed good, because it
was never executed : we always check that partCount() is bigger than '0'
before displaying and I had always '0'.

Thanks for your help,

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