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Fri Feb 21 11:43:08 CET 2014

> 2.6.29-rc seems 
> quite stable but the patch against mainline is horrible, besides it's power 
> management is worse then it could be. 2.6.39 has hardly nearly unreproducible 
> problem with resume.
> Now we have free firmware which is cool

Yes it is, and those who do not believe so should allow those of us that do value it to enjoy it in peace :-0 - I at least do not need to be told repeatedly how foolish I am for delighting over something someone else believes has zero worth.

>but the usablity of the phone hasn't changed much.

I disagree - largely thanks to Radek (who is being unnecessarily modest) it's usability has definitely improved. I'm using Qtmoko v54 (with the excellent replacement keyboard) which has 2.6.34 kernel. Since I only went back to using the freerunner as my daily phone when Michael released his work, I only recently realized how usable it is.

An occasional reboot is necessary, but no sporadic problem with resume. Power consumption is not great and I wonder if that would be improved by ripping out some stuff I don't need - I would forgo QtMaze for the odd micro amp ^_~
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