GSM frequency bands in the USA

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> Michael Spacefalcon <msokolov at ivan.Harhan.ORG> hat am 26. Februar 2014 um
> 05:44 geschrieben:
> Of course all those proprietary 3G+ smartphones (Apple/Samsung/GTA04/etc)
> which we are all surrounded with typically act as quadband when they
> go into 2G compatibility mode, but because they are proprietary black
> boxes, only Cthulhu knows which band they are using and what is the
> total set of signals they "hear" across their supported bands. So I
> still don't know for certain to this day what GSM services, if any,
> exist in the 850 MHz band in my area.

And you really think this matters to users of phones which band the phone is
currently using? T-Mobile is definitely nothing else as proprietary. How does
that fit?
If you are this religious about this topic you should build up your own free gsm
Then, of course, you should also build your own free roads, free water supply
and so on. Can you really rely on nobody is messsing with those things without
you knowing of it?
You are as far away from reality as the place you dream of with all free
infrastructure is away from SoCal.

On the other hand this is really great to see the GTA04 in one list with Apple
and Samsung. *scnr*

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